Riverside 1959

Hot, dusty and dangerous, California’s Riverside Raceway attracted the best international drivers to compete against the finest pilots from the United States. The 1959 US Grand Prix for Sports Cars was an epic event that pitted future Ferrari F1 Champion, Phil Hill, against Stirling Moss and Ferrari against Aston Martin. The book’s images reflect the diverse field that included a 17 yo Mexican and and 27 yo woman driving a Ferrari Testa Rossa entered by…her mother.



10 thoughts on “Riverside 1959

  1. Brilliant! What a find

  2. Bob Oker is NOT in 750 Monza Ferrari but the bigger 4.9 litre car…drove twice in 1959
    at Riverside in this car

    Jim Sitz

  3. Thanks Jim!

    We’ve made that change.


  4. Looks like great book !
    Remember Moss on 1st visit, and 1st lap,,drove straight off at turn 7,,”going
    too bloody fast ” he told me later in pits

    Jim sitz
    G.P. Oregon

  5. Page 65 is JEFFORD’S 1959 car, NOT 1958 as listed. NOTE the smooth hood. 1958′s had the washboard phony air hood lovers.

  6. Thanks Jim!
    We’ll make that change with the next order of books.

  7. Roy, on page 04, is the KK500 S of Danny Weinberg. I believe this is the same car that Bill Murphy drove at Sebring in March of ’55. One of three KK 500S entered, it came in 19th OA and second in class to Ray Crawford in the leading 500 S. This is the Buick powered 500 S, not the Chrysler (in fact a DeSoto hemi, Murphy was a DeSoto and Buick dealer). Murphy owned two, but only this one had the custom “clam shell” fenders built by none other than George Barris! Boy they look good. I’m guessing Murphy sold it to Weinberg after Sebring.

    Great book, thanks for sharing the family memories with us.

  8. I am looking forward to your and Bob Devlin’s book. Do you have any photos of me racing a hydroplane at Long Beach Marine Stadium in the 1960′s?

    • William,
      Your book should arrive any day now. The only water related images in my collection are of the then new Amphicar being demonstrated. So, no hydroplane images…
      Roy Spencer

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