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ROAD&TRACK December issue: “Buy the MotorBinder book for your motor racing enthusiast friends!”


MotorBinder has been reviewed in Sports Car Market Magazine’s December 2014 issue! Reviewer Mark Wigginton nailed the essence of the book:

It’s all wonderful.  Pour over the wonderful photos, delight in the little gems of knowledge you find in the expansive captions, and lose yourself in the best time and the best places in American racing history.

  • Provenance: 4 Stars
  • Fit and Finish: 5 Stars
  • Drivability: 5 Stars



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One thought on “MotorBinder

  1. This is one of those rare books you just don’t want to end. I lingered over each photo as they brought back a wonderful bygone era that enthusiasts of all ages should “experience” through these photos and comments. In 1965 I could wander through the paddock at the Riverside Times Grand Prix and Jim Clark was gracious enough to sign my program–try that today. The photo on page 133 captures the spirit of the times (and of Jim Clark) as he congratulates Dave MacDonald. And yes, more attention should have been given to safety in that era.

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