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Lots of buzz now with the release of the FORD v FERRARI movie. It’s a worthy story to tell and elevates the great Ken Miles and brings the cagey Carroll Shelby back into focus. However, it tells but a fraction of the story during that era of motor racing.

Shelby’s and Miles’ exploits are included in MotorBinder along with an intimate look at the US road racing scene from the middle ’50s through the middle ’60s. The book covers the great drivers and manufacturers who provided all the excitement as the sport evolved toward the professional era.

Most of the 170 superb photographs have never been published before this book. Hugely educational with 22,000 words of well researched captions, MotorBinder is a must read for anyone interested in this era of motor sports.

MotorBinder is the perfect Christmas gift for the classic Motor Racing enthusiast in your life!

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MotorBinder Book


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