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Birth of a Legend

I’m pleased to announce our first fine art offering and it’s a fitting tribute to Carroll Shelby and his epic Cobra. This triptych features 3 dazzling glamor shots of CSX2000 with its creator, Carroll Shelby. CSX2000 is the fabled press car that famously changed colors during its early days promoting the fledgling new marque.

The images depict the car as it appeared on the cover of the September 1962 edition of Road & Track  painted pearl yellow.

This piece includes the image on page 121 of MotorBinder and its companion shots.

The carefully restored images measure 9.5″ x 7.5″ and have been framed and matted by the experienced SF Art Framing Services in San Francisco. Overall dimensions are 33″ high by 16 3/4′ wide. The shots, taken by Art Streib, came out of the vast Gordon Martin Collection.

Limited edition of 25: $450 + S/H

To purchase or for more information, please call Roy Spencer @ 650-343-7980.


One thought on “Fine Art Prints

  1. Roy,

    I enjoyed the book immensely. However, I feel you neglected to give proper credit to Gordon Martin. His name should have been prominently displayed on the cover, spine, and you should have paid tribute to him in your introduction. I speak from personal knowledge here since I worked with Gordon for many years as Secretary of the Motoring Press Association when Gordon was President of the MPA. I am currently Senior Editor at Excellence Magazine as well as Vintage Motorsports and Bimmer.

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