A unique and personal look at road racing in California and beyond during the ‘50s and ‘60s

• Gallery quality, previously unpublished, photographs curated from the Spencer Archives and the Gordon Martin Collection.

• Each image carefully restored and printed on the finest quality paper

• 321 pages and over 21,000 words of carefully researched caption text


This beautifully presented photo book leads the reader through the formative years of road racing in the United States via a unique selection of carefully restored images. The book gives readers the opportunity to observe many of the great drivers and cars of the era during private, unguarded, moments.

Presented in a loose chronological order and with an emphasis on the human side of the sport, the images are guaranteed to surprise and impress the most ardent students of the era. Those new to the genre will enjoy the extensively researched captions. The book weaves a number of related stories between images by guiding readers to different, and often seemingly unrelated images. The section covering Bev Spencer’s racing exploits offers a very personal look at one man’s obsession with motor racing.

About the Author

Roy Spencer was introduced to the racing scene in California at an early age by his father, Bev Spencer. A lifelong racing enthusiast and historian, he has contributed to Autoweek, Cavallino and the Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s Star magazine. His classic Mercedes-Benz sales and restoration activities are well known within the marque’s global community.


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  1. I am deep into editing my doc film based on the book WHERE THEY RACED – all about racing history in SoCal. We probably each have photos that the other would want. Love to talk! 213-810-2376

  2. Sounds like an interesting project, Henry. Keep us posted.

  3. Dear roy,,haven’t found an email from you.I ordered.Is it already sent off?If not please sign it!!

    Best reagrds Michael

  4. Michael,
    Your book was sent off on April 21. Let us know what you think when you receive it.

  5. Received my copy this week, absolutely wonderful ! ! Will be ordering more copies for Christmas presents for sure. Excellent work!!

  6. Just love the book and photos….. wish it was signed!! When is the next edition?

    • Peter,

      We’re intent on marketing this edition for the time being and pushing to sell 2,000 to 3,000 copies. After that goal is met, we might consider a more lavish hardbound collector’s edition with fewer images.


  7. Thanks Mr Spencer for the wonderful book, I am a friend of Jim Sitz who helped with the project. Really appreciate it.

  8. Hi Roy,

    Just to let you know – I have been very very pleased with the books. I passed one along to an old friend from Toronto who perked up measurably, as did I, looking through our childhood dreams. Thank you again.

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